Terrain’s cutting-edge property intelligence accelerates Australia’s renewable energy transition

In the dynamic landscape of Australia’s energy transformation, Dye & Durham’s Terrain platform emerges as an indispensable asset.  

This innovative search platform integrates cadastral mapping with an ability to simultaneously investigate property ownership, and planning documentation, making it an essential tool in expediting renewable energy initiatives.  

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Murray Walter, the executive general manager for Dye & Durham’s Terrain platform, said it is being embraced by renewable energy developers and transmission companies in their quest to quickly ascertain the ownership of land around their projects.  

“We developed bespoke workflow solutions to customers in the property planning industry provided in a way that makes it much more efficient, for property planning professionals, to get the information they need,’’ Mr Walter said.  

 “Our spatial map interface is unparalleled,’’ he said.  

The Terrain platform allows users to pull up a cadastral map of the area they wish to investigate, define the parcels of land in the area that are of interest, and instantly retrieve ownership and planning information at the same time with a click of their mouse.  

The platform integrates with the land registries to confirm land ownership in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria.   

Terrain’s monitoring solutions notify users when a change of ownership occurs on the title at the Land Registry Authority, allowing customers to update their property information immediately and continue to track the details of the new property owner.  

Mr Walter said a renewable energy company, for example, wanting to build a windfarm needed a considerable amount of information about who may be affected by the development.  

“The advantage of Terrain is the company can obtain this information in a single step, negating the need for multiple searches of land titles registries,’’ he said. 

“It can also obtain plans, and other documents which may be relevant to the development project.  

“This allows them to consult with relevant landholders on a timely basis as part of the community engagement process, and perhaps negotiate lease agreements for wind turbines or other infrastructure.’’  

The change of ownership alert functions in the platform are also proving invaluable for electricity transmission companies and pipeline operators.  

 A case in point is a power transmission company that has infrastructure interacting with 12,500 properties across the state, which would be unaware for months or sometimes years that there was a change on the title. 

With Terrain’s alert system, the company was now able to find out almost immediately when a title had changed hands and contact the new owner.  

“Now the company can be proactive instead of re-active. When ownership changes hands it can send the new owner a letter alerting them to the existence of powerlines near their property and providing contact details,’’ Mr Walter said.  

The platform is also proving invaluable to a major pipeline operator who has a statutory responsibility to liaise with landholders. It is now able to instantly identify any changes to the land it interacts with and maintain communications with the owners.  

As Terrain gains traction beyond the surveying industry, its influence extends across various infrastructure projects. The platform is increasingly favoured for its application in road and rail construction, utilities, and notable, by the burgeoning renewable energy sector.  

Terrain by Dye & Durham is not just a product; it’s the partner for Australia’s future in sustainable energy and infrastructure development.  

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