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The latest facial biometric technology to verify the identity of your clients.

VirtualVOI is an online verification platform that enables you to verify the identity of your clients anywhere in Australia, or internationally, without having to meet.

VirtualVOI uses facial biometric verification technology to scan, read and compare your client’s identification to real time imagery. Our technology also uses “liveness” detection, fraud analysis and anti-tampering technology to ensure that your client is who they say they are. Once the verification is complete, a VOI report is returned to you and flagged if there are any authenticity concerns.

VirtualVOI scans your client’s ID documents in seconds, verifying against government sources using Document Verification Service (DVS) checks and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This helps to prevent identity fraud in property and other transactions. Save time without the need to manually check whether your client has completed the VOI process.

VirtualVOI is backed by over 200 countries supported with Passports, Driver Licences, and other items of ID.

Key Features

Facial Biometric Technology Compares the facial features between a government issued ID and the selfie video submitted by your client. The verification process uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is constantly improving.
Document Verification Services The Document Verification Service (DVS) cross checks your client’s ID with Government databases to confirm it is valid and has not been reported lost or stolen.
Optical Character Recognition Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology recognises text inside images and saves time by reading your client's document data and automatically pre-fills data fields.

How does VirtualVOI work?

VirtualVOI sends a SMS on behalf of you to your client to start the verification process:

Step 1 Client receives a text message containing a weblink to begin their verification.
Step 2 Client is prompted to capture images of their ID and their face.
Step 3 You will receive an email letting you know the report is available.

Why VirtualVOI?

VirtualVOI enables you to complete your due diligence with accuracy:

  • $0 set up fee – only pay per verification
  • Helps you meet your VOI obligations
  • Simple workflow – your client is prompted through each step
  • Instant VOI report – flagged if any authenticity concerns are uncovered
  • Visibility over your client’s VOIs with updates to when they have clicked their VOI link and captured any ID documents
  • Reduce the risk of identity fraud – mitigate your key VOI risk areas
  • Secure storage and access for 9 years — ISO27001 compliant
  • Facial Biometric Verification Technology
  • Document Verification Service (DVS) check
  • Fraud assessment and anti-tampering technology
  • Over 1 million customers verified worldwide via this tool
  • 200+ countries supported with Passports, Driver Licences & other IDs

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