Settlement, Stamping & Registration

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Settlement, Stamping & Registration

Dye & Durham provides legal industry and financial institutions with a range of solutions for completing paper settlements anywhere in Australia.

Our expert teams provide a range of services including:

  • Pre-Settlement Examination of security documentation to ensure that documentation is acceptable to government authorities.
  • Assessment of Government Authority fees such as Stamp Duty and Land Titles Office registration fees.
  • Settlement bookings are made easy with a simple phone call to our Booking line or by utilising Settlement room.
  • Cheque Printing Services for financial institutions. Cheque details are entered into our system by a centralised team, cheques can then be printed onsite in our offices (CBD locations) or ordered from local bank branches (Regional locations).
  • Cheque collection services where clients prefer to order their cheques directly with Financial Institutions.
  • Settlement attendance to conduct a validation check to confirm cheques and documentation being exchanged meets our Client and Government Body requirements. This service is available in CBD, Suburban & Regional locations.
  • Banking of Settlement funds into accounts as directed. As well as knowing funds will be physically deposited into accounts which can take days to clear we provide clients with records of cheques and the accounts they have been deposited into to make sure you have visibility of what was collected at settlement.
  • Processing of Stamp Duty payments in line with each State Revenue office requirements.
  • Lodgement and registration of security documents with State Land Titles Offices to secure interests over the property.
  • Returning files to your office or 3rd party storage facilities.

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