National Property Ownership

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National Property Ownership

Comprehensive provider of Australian regulatory information

Dye & Durham offers a comprehensive national range of land and property information, providing access to thousands of property and commercial products through one application.

Dye & Durham’s Search platform provides the information and resources which are required to gain insights into business assets that are required to conduct due diligence, credit, and insolvency checks.

Dye & Durham’s intuitive platform makes the process as straight-forward and efficient as possible, perfect for getting the information you need for property settlements across different Australian states.


What can you search for on Dye & Durham’s search platform?

Search and purchase hundreds of land and property information products and property council certificates in a single order form for one or multiple properties, including National:

  • Title Searches
  • Plans
  • Council Property Certificates
  • Title and Plan Alerts
  • Dealings
  • Historical Search
  • Electronic Contract for Sale (eCOS)
  • LIV Contract of Sale of Real Estate
  • Electronic Notice of Sale (eNOS)
  • Property Settlement Services
  • PEXA


What’s New?

Search Manager is excited to introduce the all-new comprehensive grantor search function. In just a few simple clicks, the search returns all registered security interests held by a grantor.

Search by any organisation identifier (ABN, ACN, ARBN and Name) and enter up to 25 organisations in one order. Returned results will show if the organisation has been verified via ASIC calls and allow the user to select relevant companies.

Receive a complimentary PPSR consolidated extract (XLS spreadsheet) containing all PPSR registration details on the grantor, assisting you with preparing internal or client facing reporting and reducing the time spent on rekeying PPSR security data into client systems.


Why search with Dye & Durham?

Dye & Durham’s Search platform is easy-to-use, user-friendly and intuitive, which allows for the logical grouping of searches and products and eliminates the need for users to navigate different screens.

Dye & Durham’s Search platform includes built-in enhanced tools for disbursement as well as reconciliation with various reporting and invoicing formats that support many third-party accounting and practice management systems.

Dye & Durham’s Search platform includes:

  • Flexible account and user management processes and interactions.
  • Integration with leading practice and document management systems to deliver trusted property and business information, electronic conveyancing (PEXA) and legal support services.
  • Searches and Certificates provided as one PDF document, with users able to choose whether they receive the document via email or download directly from the platform.
  • A pre-purchase screen that provides customers with the anticipated turnaround time for their chosen certificate, with most results returned live or as soon as they are received from the authority.
  • Quick Picks of Essential Certificates automatically selects the essential products required when representing a Vendor or Purchaser. The convenient bundling of these products within one order lessens data entry and re-keying time.
  • Quick Search functionality allows users to select their most used or favourite products and make them easily accessible via the home page and customised to suit each individual needs.
  • Fast order forms and streamlined conveyancing software saves you time and money when ordering land and property information.
  • Lowest price guarantee making premium search services available at the best prices.


“Dye & Durham is a responsive and flexible business partner, providing us with easy-to-use solutions, reliable customer service and regular training which supports our daily business activities across our three offices.”

— Alice Anderson, Lander & Rogers Lawyers


Seamless Search Integration

Dye & Durham integrates with leading conveyancing, legal practice and document management software to deliver the ultimate user experience and time-saving features.

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Search Manager is supported by a dedicated development team who are constantly pursuing new ways to help save our customers both time and money, whilst implementing new products and designs to make the platform even more intuitive.

Register for a Search Manager account today, and begin exploring our vast range of products and services which are sure to suit your needs.


Pay as You Go Access

You do not need to be a licensed conveyancer, legal practitioner, or financial institution to access a range of the products and services available on Search Manager. Any member of the public can register for quick and easy access to our products. Payment is made with a credit card via SecurePay at the time of order placement and just like an account holder, results are returned via email.

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