Conveyancing Directory

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Conveyancing Directory

The largest register of conveyancers and property lawyers

Developed to remove the delays and frustrations associated with the manual settlement booking process, Dye & Durham has developed a unique register of licenced conveyancers and solicitors involved in property settlements across Australia.

Conveyancing Directory provides conveyancers and lawyers with a convenient single location for updating their contact details for access by the financial institutions we represent at settlement. These include three of the Big 4 banks and over half of Australia’s smaller banks and credit bureaus.

Why register for the Conveyancing Directory?

  • Manage your settlement bookings online and ensure you receive settlement invitations and other notifications directly to your email address.
  • Access our online pre-settlement meeting space, Settlement Room. Here all four parties in a settlement can come together to share, validate and agree on pertinent information prior to attending settlement and to book the date, time and location of each settlement transaction online, providing everyone with real-time visibility of the status of their booking. The Self-Service Booking (SSB) service, Settlement Room is designed to eradicate any opportunity for settlements to fail while also making the business of arranging settlements more efficient.
  • Access the virtual meeting or “transaction” workspace where all parties in a settlement (outgoing and incoming mortgagees and buyer and seller representatives) can gather online to share, compare and agree on information prior to actual settlement.
  • Communicate in real-time and verify information about the property, the payout figures, settlement balances and payment directions, dramatically increasing the probability for matters to settle the first time.
  • Automatic determination of the settlement location for attended settlement transactions.
  • Ability to select and communicate to the nominated settlement agent for all parties in the transaction.
  • Provide one single convenient location for updating your contact details for access by the financial institutions we represent at settlement.

Access to Conveyancing Directory is limited to licenced conveyancers, solicitors and financial institutions to protect unpublished contact information, including email addresses, being available to the general public.

Get ready for electronic settlements and register for Dye & Durham’s Conveyancing Directory by using the form below.

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