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IDSecure offers a fast, compliant and easy-to-use fully integrated VOI solution to meet the needs of Australian legal and financial professionals. Meet your obligations and increase efficiency as you capture, manage and securely store all client VOI reports.

Built on simplicity, security and integration — at no additional cost IDSecure is available via Search Manager 22, Matter Centre, Open Practice and a network of over 20 practice and document management systems. Verify your clients at the office, on-the-road or by using one of our trusted professional agents.



VirtualVOI enables conveyancers to quickly verify the identity of property buyers and sellers anywhere in Australia, or internationally, compliantly, without having to meet! VirtualVOI’s Facial Biometric technology scans and verifies against government sources in seconds using our Document Verification Service (DVS) checks and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.


Enjoy seamless access via Dye & Durham’s suite of online and software solutions including Matter Centre, Open Practice and Search Manager 22. With Dye & Durham at the heart of your organisation, your firm can be the most connected, productive and profitable.

Central Dashboard & Storage

A central dashboard provides you the ability to create, view and access in seconds all VOI reports via one secure solution location in seconds. All VOI reports are securely stored and easily retrievable within your system.

VOI Report Storage & Retrieval

All VOI reports from both VOI Mobile Quick Entry and the Remote Agent Verification Service are instantly available to the legal and conveyancing practitioner. All documents are stored securely with state-of-the-art and accredited data security for 9+ years and instantly available at the click of a button.

Remote Agent VOI Service

IDSecure offers the most extensive and convenient outsourced agent service in Australia, servicing both metropolitan and regional areas. The face-to-face verifications are conducted by a network of IDSecure professional, insured and trusted identity agents 7 days a week and in and out of business hours.

ID Checklists

Prior to the face-to-face interview your clients simply follow a link emailed to them by the system that provides an ID document check list and captures key personal information.

IDSecure VOI App

Use the IDSecure app on any smart phone or tablet to quickly capture and verify the identity of clients in under 60 seconds. In the office or on the road, IDSecure’s latest mobile tech-tool is intuitive, fast, convenient and secure.

System Alerts

Throughout the VOI process, you will be kept up-to-date with system alerts and notifications.


Decide whether to conduct the client interview at your office or another meeting place to witness all relevant ID documents and capture ID images ‘on the spot’ creating a VOI Report and VOI data file that is securely stored instantly.


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