A complete Practice Management System written by conveyancers for conveyancers.


A complete, built-in trust account management system is included, no add-ons required.

CATS is able to manage all aspects of your trust account including:

  • Trust Account reconciliation supported by the following automatically generated reports;
  • Unpresented cheques and EFT’s
  • List of ledger balances
  • Unbanked receipts
  • Reconciliation summary


The above reports can also be printed at any time for any chosen period as well as;

  • Cheques issued
  • EFT payments
  • Receipts issued

Reconcile your trust account as often as you wish. Just select a date, enter in the closing bank balance from your statement and tick all receipts and payments and you’re done.

Generate your banking deposit slips automatically in a format acceptable to your bank, including details of cheques and cash banked. At any time create a daily banking report between any two nominated dates.

Draw fees, searches, stamp duty and GST, as a batch using dedicated holding accounts. You can even create your own holding accounts for whatever purpose you like.

The trust account system has been accepted by our clients’ auditors since its introduction in 2007.


Document Creation

Easily create any document from a collection of templates which you can edit to suit your personal preference. A series of standard templates is initially provided to facilitate this process. A separate suite of templates for documents in a prescribed format such as Land Titles, Stamp Duty etc will be maintained by the CATS team ensuring that you always have the most up to date forms available when you log in each day.

Documents will be generated from the information entered when the matter was initially created and saved with their respective file/matter.

Convert a document to a pdf and email it directly to your client from the saved letters list.

A Paperless office can be maintained by scanning hard copies of any documents and saving them to the file/matter.

Client & File Management

Minimise data entry by entering client and file details once only and have those details used by all other aspects of CATS. Furthermore, extensive use has been made of shortcuts to avoid the need to enter similar data in different areas. This also eliminates many errors generated by repeated data entry.

Up to date databases of lenders, real estate agents, conveyancers, strata managers etc are included. These can then be maintained by the user. This data is then used by CATS to complete documents, settlement statements and reports.

Searching for any required file is easy using first name, surname, property address, file number and others.

Diary notes can be electronically stored within the matter and are time and date stamped. These can be printed at any time.

Tasks can be created and assigned to any staff member with a report that includes task details and due dates available at any time.


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