Discover remote VOI technology removing the need to meet with your clients

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With COVID lockdowns and restrictions across some states in Australia, we understand firms have had to implement flexible working practices for the safety of their staff and clients.

We can help reduce the risk of fraud whilst eliminating the need to meet with clients when it comes to Verification of Identity (VOI). If your firm is looking for a safe and secure solution that saves you time, attend our online webinar and learn how you can reduce in-person VOI meetings with  VirtualVOI.

VirtualVOI is an automated digital solution that has been developed so you can adhere to Government COVID-19 restrictions and continue with social distancing.

VirtualVOI uses the latest in facial biometric verification technology, Document Verification Services (DVS) checks, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and “liveness” detection to verify the identity of your clients.

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Natalie Skinner
Business Services Manager, IDSecure