Discover increased efficiencies in your firm with Dye & Durham + Lexis Affinity integration

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On behalf of Dye & Durham + LexisNexis, we are proud introduce you to an integration solution that can assist you with increased efficiencies.

Our integration means you have direct access to the most comprehensive range of online Information and software solutions.

It has also helped practitioners reduce the hours they spend manually processing searches and other documents within their matter.

What’s included in the Search + Lexis Affinity integration?

  1. Access to a wide range of property information, including industry-first instant delivery of South Australian property information, direct to your matter
  2. Integration with Verification of Identity (VOI) solution, VirtualVOI
  3. Integration with digital signing tool SignMe
  4. Integrated Company + Business Searches delivered direct to your matter
  5. PPSR Search + Registration services

View the on demand recording now to learn more and see a demonstration of the integration and discover how to increase efficiency in your firm.

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Justin Senko
Product Analyst, LexisNexis

Greg Dickason
Managing Director Pacific, LexisNexis

Rafe Berding
Chief Customer Officer, Dye & Durham