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Property Research

Dye & Durham, through our partnership with CoreLogic (RP Data) offer a range of different property research and valuation products for properties Australia wide. CoreLogic generated reports are beneficial to Australian property professionals in the preparation of property market reports for prospects and clients, generating value estimates, verifying information, and the creation of highly targeted marketing material.

Products in this suite are offered as one-off orders, rather than through a subscription and most of the searches can be conducted on Property Address, Lot and Plan, Property Name or Location Search.

In the CoreLogic range we offer three different reports, allowing users to choose which best meets their needs to make confident property related decisions.

CoreLogic (RP Data) Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

The CoreLogic Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is an analytic report product that estimates the value of residential property.

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CoreLogic (RP Data) Property Profile Report

The CoreLogic Property Profile Report is a configurable individual property report which is available for the majority of Australian residential addresses. It reproduces relevant property details, property photos, comparable sales, an automated electronic property price range and other market sales evidence.

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To understand what information and insights are provided in each type of product, review the comparison table below.

CoreLogic (RP Data) Products: IntelliVal (Automated Valuation Estimate) Property Profile Report
Property Details
– Year Built
– Land and Floor Area

Lot/Plan Details
Floor Plans (where available)
Location Highlights
Estimated Value
Sales History
Property Activity Summary
Recently Sold Properties
Properties for Sale
Properties for Rent
Local School Details
Suburb Insights

Victorian Sales History Report

Includes records of historical sale transactions derived from the Notice of Acquisition, which is provided by the purchaser or purchasers representative when the property has been sold. Records include total sale price, date of contract, construction material, number of bedrooms, construction year and other relevant information.

Queensland Valuation and Sales

QVAS provides property information including sales data on properties that change hand within the state of Queensland. Information is collected from both internal and external sources of the Queensland Government.

South Australian Valuation Details Search

Provides capital and site value, ownership, land use and land description.

New South Wales Valuation Certificate

Revenue NSW Valuation Certificate Provides information regarding the specified property such as; the applicants, land description, land address, tax year, taxable land value & value type as well as customer information, including the scales of rates for the current tax year.

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