Planning and Roads Certificates

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Planning and Roads Certificates

Available via Search Manager, our suite of Planning and Roads products include the following:

Standard Planning Certificate

This basic planning certificate contains details of zoning, planning overlays and full proposed amendments. It is available for all of Victoria.

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Premium Planning Certificate

The Premium Planning Certificate is a more comprehensive source of planning information than the Planning Certificate. Beyond the basic planning certificate (zone, overlay and proposed amendment provisions), it provides relevant specific site provisions and specific area provisions culled from the text of the Planning Scheme. These provisions may entail specific conditions or exclusions in relation to the subject property, or they may relate to local policies the Council has put in place to guide the use and development of the land. This is highly recommended when more comprehensive advice is required regarding the planning provisions affecting a property. It is available for all of Victoria.

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Premium Planning & Heritage Certificate

The Premium Planning & Heritage Certificate is the most comprehensive and cost-effective single source of planning and heritage information. It goes further than the Premium Planning Certificate by also advising whether a property is listed on the following heritage registers:

  • Victorian Heritage Register
  • Register of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria)
  • National Heritage List
  • Commonwealth Heritage List

The Premium Planning Certificate & Heritage Certificate is only applicable to Metropolitan Melbourne and the municipalities of Ballarat, Greater Bendigo, Greater Geelong and Queenscliffe.

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Roads Certificate

The Roads Certificate contains advice of any approved VicRoads proposal affecting a property. It is applicable to all properties in Metropolitan Melbourne only.

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Planning Scheme Text Extract

The Planning Scheme Text Extract (PSE) is another exclusively Dye & Durham owned and branded product that complements our suite of planning certificates. PSE provides full-text provisions of any zone, overlay, proposed amendment or planning scheme clause, helping you produce your Section 32 statement efficiently. It’s all bundled into one convenient PDF file and is available for all of Victoria.

All reports are available as a 1/2 day or 1 hour priority service, except the Premium and Heritage Certificate which is only available as a 1 hour service.

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