International Company & Personal Information

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International Company & Personal Information

Our International Company and Personal search services provide you with the necessary data to make informed decisions for when in business you need unique insights & information about your employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners that are often offshore.

Ignorance is no defence in business today. Understanding your customer or supplier, establishing legitimacy and credibility with the relevant and available credit and risks checks should be at the forefront of initial due diligence work, prior to entering any contracts or agreements with International companies or parties. Your brand is your identity and with fraud, piracy and counterfeit designed to inflict irreparable damage to a brands reputation, it’s vital these checks are carried out prior to engagement.

Protecting your business from becoming victim to a scam, fraud, bogus insurance claims, unscrupulous business partners or dishonest employees is just some of the things these checks can limit your risk to. Our International Company and Personal searching solution provides a range of investigation services that will help you minimise these risks.

Some, but not all of our offerings, include:

  • International due diligence;
  • International credit risk report;
  • International credit report and Know Your Customer (KYC) reports;
  • International Company Extracts;
  • Brand Protection Investigations.

Searches are available in Asia-Pacific, Europe & Baltics, Africa and many other countries.  A summary report is provided and if the original reports are required, this too can be arranged.

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