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Integration with Actionstep

Actionstep is a complete business management system for law firms that’s flexible but still easy to use. Built in the cloud with CRM, matter management, document assembly, document management, billing & accounting in one system. Actionstep puts everything law firms need in one place, with workflow at its heart.

Dye & Durham’s integration with Actionstep provides direct access to Dye & Durham’s Search products from within Actionstep matters files. There is no cost associated with this integration, however, users will need Actionstep and Dye & Durham accounts for the integration to work.

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Dye & Durham’s Search integration with practice management system Actionstep enables a new level of productivity in firms, including:

Instant return of search results Remove the need to manually download and file searches. All searches are conducted from the matter and returned directly within seconds.
Automated billing Disbursements are returned directly to your matter, saving you reconciliation time, and eliminating the risk of losing money as a result of a misplaced disbursement.
Pre-population of data Minimising data entry errors and saving you significant time.

Integration with Konekta

In partnership with Dye & Durham, Konekta creates an even deeper integration for conveyancing practitioners via a specialist workflow in Actionstep.


Konekta provides Actionstep’s Australian conveyancing client base with:

  • Sophisticated conveyancing workflows give firms full control over every stage of their transaction – whether it’s a sale, purchase or transfer
  • Intelligent pre-population of property detail fields on property searches – mitigating the risk of error associated with re-keying data, as well as saving significant time throughout the matter
  • A settlement calculator that enables fast and simple addition of adjustments, payees and the creation of a PDF statement for settlement
  • One solution to all necessary integrations that helps to enhance the productivity of conveyancing firms

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