Conveyancing Manager

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Conveyancing Manager


Conveyancing workflow software

Our unique, diary-based workflow solution, Conveyancing Manager, helps users build efficiencies and scalability into their conveyancing and legal practitioner operations while making the conveyancing process seamless, faster, flexible, and more secure.

Integrated with Search Manager, Self Service Booking (SSB) and Settlement Room, Conveyancing Manager is designed specifically for busy practitioners involved in the process of conveyancing.

Conveyancing Manager allows conveyancers to track the progress of matters via diary entries and tasks and to get an instant overview of matters that are pending across their entire client base – what’s coming up, what’s been delayed, what needs to be prioritised and what needs to be updated or changed.

Users are also provided with regular reminders when critical due dates are pending – reducing the possibility of any part of the workflow process being missed.

Conveyancing Manager features: 

  • Automatic generation of contracts, forms (transfer documents, mortgage discharge documents and revenue office forms) and letters involved in the settlement process.
  • A cumulative database enables client details to automatically prepopulate documents, letters or emails, avoiding unnecessary rekeying.
  • Creation of highly customised workflow templates for all transaction types, saving precious time during the actual transaction phase.
  • Integrated with Dye & Durham’s online information search system, Search Manager, allowing users to quickly and easily conduct property searches and order property certificates online.
  • A library of forms and basic precedents enables conveyancers to create and code all documents and letters.
  • An adjustments’ calculator prepares the necessary adjustments for council, water and other rates and charges.
  • A settlement instruction tool allows users to track documents, cheques and other items needed to be collected or handed over at settlement. It also determines the relevant fees, charges and stamp duty required, ensuring absolute accuracy.
  • A built-in disaster recovery functionality with cloud back-up for documentation and programs, ensuring nothing is lost and conveyancers can be up and running within an hour of their computer failing.

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