Business, Personal and Commercial Information Searches & Services

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Business, Personal and Commercial Information Searches & Services

The secret to a confident due-diligence process

When making business decisions and assessing business risks, it is critical you have a clear picture of the company or individual you are interacting with.

The extensive suite of Dye & Durham business and personal searches provide access to business and individual intelligence, and the ability to conduct a variety of checks. Dye & Durham’s range of products assist organisations across all industries to minimise risk and feel informed to confidently make business decisions.

All you need in Consumer Information

Protect your company from any potential threats, both internal and external. Our criminal history background check, AFSA bankruptcy information searches, and Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) services allow you to screen potential employees or partners comprehensively.

Use Dye & Durham’s platform to screen for disqualified directors, bankrupt individuals, and former criminals in preparation for new business partnerships, new employees or investments.

Key Searches:

  • Person Finder
  • Know your Employee
  • Know your Consumer
  • Director Name Services
  • AFSA Bankruptcy Information
  • PPSR Searches
  • ASIC Extracts
  • Property Information by Individual


The right information, in the right format, at the right time! Don’t leap into the unknown without first seeking out the necessary information to protect you, and your business.

ASIC Company Extracts + Reports

Search ASIC and ABN registers for director information, credit reports and more; and compile extracts in easy-to-read reports in a couple of clicks. Dye & Durham’s ASIC Company and personal searching is not just limited to Australian company directors and searches, users are also able to extract international company information on the platform.

When it comes to ASIC filing, extracts, company and personal searching and more, Dye & Durham provides you with the means to obtain all of the relevant information to conduct due diligence. Accurate, relevant and update-to-date information is crucial when conducting due diligence, which is why Dye & Durham is continually improving our searching services to ensure clients receive the most reliable information.

The ASIC + PPSR Report

It’s all in the name: search any company by name, ABN or ACN to generate a PDF report which combines ASIC information with a PPSR grantor search plus all PPSR certificates via Dye & Durham’s ASIC Extract + PPSR Search Report.

ASIC Company Monitor Alerts

Dye & Durham’s ASIC Company & Business searches enables practitioners to receive notifications when a change is made to a company, allowing them the ability to instantly see what type of information has changed.

Dye & Durham’s alerts are based on a 6-month subscription model where you can cancel at any time. You are only notified if there is an ASIC form lodged against the company, and will have the ability to order extracts and documents to view changes.

PPSR Information & Services

Dye & Durham has built the best tools for you to lodge interests, search, and update the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR). Guided PPSR Registration ‘fool-proofs’ the management of interests with save-draft and verification tools. The platform features a simple ordering process that delivers fast PPSR search results.

If you require further assistance, Dye & Durham’s team of PPSR experts can guide you through the registration process and perform batch services to save you time on high-volume search tasks.

AFSA Bankruptcy Information

Dye & Durham makes it easy to search the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) Bankruptcy Register where debtors petitions are lodged, debt agreement proposals are processed and public records on insolvency are maintained.

illion Credit and Financial Reports

Conduct Contractor Due Diligence, KYC Client Onboarding, Credit Risk Decisioning and Commercial Auditing with Dye & Durham.

Don’t take on unnecessary risk when taking on new clients at your firm. Conduct your due diligence with a range of Illion’s credit and financial reports. Simply search any company by name, ABN or ACN and receive easy-to-read reports at a click of a button.

  • Commercial Bureau Enquiry — This report provides a basic overview of a business and verifies company information.
  • Late Payment Risk Report — Understand how a business has paid other creditors to provide clear insights into their payment behaviour. This report informs you of a business’ payment reliability to reduce the risk of late or non-payment.
  • Failure Risk Report — The Failure Risk Report helps you understand the long-term financial viability of a company to assist with decisions on whether to extend credit to clients.
  • Payment Analysis — Receive an analysis on a company’s credit history and stability. The report provides credit limits and overdue amounts for each creditor.

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